The best way to learn about SRI® College is to walk around our beautiful campus and converse with the members of our vibrant students’ community, lecturers, and admissions staff.

We have an open college policy and welcome visitors at any time of year. There are also events specifically for;

Campus Tours and Information Sessions

Our student-guided tours are offered Monday to Friday at 1p.m. and 3 p.m. Saturday Visits including an information session and college tour, please refer to our Marketing Department.


Individual student appointments

If you are a secondary school or a potential student, you can request a one to one meeting with our course consultants. If you have questions that cannot be answered via email or over the phone, we are more than happy to talk with you in person. If you bring your transcripts, we can determine if you are an admissible candidate, prepare preliminary transfer credit evaluations, and offer academic advice.


Open Day

Open Day is a perfect opportunity to meet with our School staff, and current students. You also will have the chance to discuss the admissions process, financial assistance, accommodation, student services, college activities, and academics. Each academic Schools will be represented so that you can explore all our programmes. Full college tours are included as a part of every Open Day events. Please refer to the event section for our upcoming events and Open Days.