SRI® COLLEGE‘s vision is to be a leading and recognised institution in Malaysia as well as in Asia, specialising in the areas of Early Childhood Education, Business studies and English Language studies.


SRI® COLLEGE’s mission is to serve the nation and society at large, by graduating well-prepared professionals, who are provided with excellent education and training in the fundamentals of their disciplines through a combination of theory and practice, and who are provided with the ability and skills to expand knowledge and transform complex ideas into working systems.


  • Backed by a team of educators with more than twenty years’ experience in Early Childhood Development, Business Studies and English Language Studies;
  • Supported by the biggest network of franchised centres in Early Childhood Education, not only in Malaysia, but also in Asia and other parts of the world;
  • Specialists in the ‘Creative Teaching Methodology’;
  • English Language as the main medium of instruction;
  • Nurturing students towards proficiency in the English Language.


  • That every student is an individual learner who has the potential to succeed;
  •  That every student should be given the opportunity to realise his/her own potential;
  • That students exposed to our Creative Teaching Methodology™ are productive, resourceful and dynamic individuals;
  • That our commitment to deliver the best to our students will assist them to be leaders in their own right and to the nation at large;
  • That quality education is our motto and we do not accept compromise.


  • To provide transferable skills and career opportunities;
  • To provide learning opportunities to enhance career development;
  • To ensure quality learning by setting internationally recognised standards.


  1. To provide broad-based programmes through collaboration with local and foreign colleges/universities that give students the background necessary for entry into, and advancement in, professional and managerial positions; for lifelong learning, for career success and for responsible stewardship of our cultural, economic and environmental resources.
  2. To promote Malaysia as the hub of research and development in Early Childhood Education for the Asian region.
  3. To expand our educational services by developing new programmes to fulfil the needs of the industry and increasing enrolment in both our short programmes and regular programme.
  4. To assure recruitment, professional development, support, and retention of skilled, satisfied, and valued faculty and staff.
  5. To provide the base for research, student exchange programmes and creative activities.
  6. To promote and develop English Language and management programmes to meet international standards.
  7. To provide leadership, consultation, and guidance to the professional/ communities.
  8. To provide intellectual contributions that extend the boundaries of knowledge, improve the application of existing knowledge to regional, national and international environments and enhance the transfer of knowledge to students. To develop an aggressive community outreach programmes that include:
    – Home visits
    – Conferences/Seminars/Workshops
    – Off-campus tours
    – Sponsorship for needy students
  9. To offer service that contributes to the personal and professional betterment of our students, the College, alumni, community, and academia.