SRI® College provides scholarships for deserving students. Currently, SRI® College offers 2 types of scholarships; namely Entrance Scholarship and Performance Scholarship.

Entrance Scholarship

New students who meet the achievement scores stated below are eligible to apply for the Entrance Scholarship. The following are indicative of the TWO (2) categories:


Category 1 (100% Scholarship)

Category 2 (50% Scholarship)







Entrance Scholarship recipients are eligible to continue to receive their scholarships throughout the duration of their studies in SRI® College provided they maintain at least a distinction average in each semester and do not fail any unit.

Performance Scholarship

Students who complete THREE (3) continuous semesters with high distinction average are eligible to apply for a Performance Scholarship under the following categories:

Minimum Average Score (for every unit)

Category of Scholarship awarded

90% or higher

100% Scholarship

Performance Scholarship recipients are eligible to continue to receive a scholarship throughout the remaining duration of their studies in SRI® College; subject to excellent academic performance - maintaining a distinction to high distinction average - depending on the scholarship percentage category that they hold and DO NOT fail any module, according to the following details:

Category of Performance Scholarship Awarded

Minimum average score for maintenance

100% Scholarship

80% or higher

50% Scholarship

75% or higher

Performance Scholarship recipients who are unable to achieve the required level of performance will be moved down to a lower scholarship percentage (e.g. 100% Scholarship to 50% Scholarship);

The amount of scholarship granted will be used towards settlement of tuition fees only. An application form needs to be completed and submitted together with the relevant documents before the scholarship is awarded. Students who are applying for the scholarship programme MUST attend an interview session with SRI® College, SRI® College reserves the right to accept or reject any application without assigning any reasons.