Halloween Night

SRI College held a Halloween Party at Smart Reader Worldwide Auditorium on 31st October 2015. The Halloween Party was one of the class projects for Diploma in Business Studies students taking the Organization Behaviour module. The purpose of this project is to enhance collaboration and teamwork among the students. 

Themed 'Dark Knights and Angels', the event attracted 200 participants who came in their best costumes. The exciting activities of the events included dance performances by SRI College. They performed their dances based on the 'Thrilling', 'Fast and Furious' and 'Get on the Floor' themes. Besides that, they were many exciting activities and games such as the Halloween Bowling, Dizzy Mummy, Blow it Up and Best Dressed Parade. 

SRI College hopes to promote positive values among the students by encouraging them to organise events. From this project, the students learned to work in teams and enhanced their event management, leadership, communication and interpersonal skill. SRI College students were happy with the attendance and feedback of the participants.


                                                                             SRI College students in their Halloween costume



                     Datin Sri Dato' Dr. K.H. Wang, Group Executive Director of Smart Reader Worldwide officiating the Haloween Event


                                                                      The Fast and Furious dance performance by SRI College