Special Needs Children Workshop

Special education for children with special needs become more widespread. There were many programmes and initiatives to help these children achieve the level of fuctioning similiar to those of the normal children. SRI College Students Association (SCSA) collaborated with Smart Reader Worldwide to hold Special Needs Children Workshop at Smart Reader Worldwide Auditorium on 27 October 2015. 

The aim of the workshop is to provide crucial knowledge on handling children with special needs for teachers, parents, and advocates of special needs. With the increase of knowledge and confidence, the interaction and communication with the special neeeds children could be enhanced. This workshop also serves the platform to gather all the experts to share the latest methodologies and approaches related to special needs education. 

Ms Tracy Tai, Director of Chrysalis Special Needs Centre for Learning Difficulties, feels that education is a powerful medium to transform the lives of these children. Special Needs Workshop organized will be able to integrate knowledge, experiences and practices of people in the field. Dr. Supiah Saad, lecturer from International Islamic University of Malaysia ((IIUM), shared hands-on methodologies and approaches in dealing with various special needs children and parents. 



                                                               SRI College students perfoming the opening dance 'I am A Music Man'

                                                                       students demonstating

                                                 Students demontrating one of the ways to calm down special needs children -the massage therapy