Using Developmental Indicators As An Assessment Instrument For Preschoolers




Come participate in this one-time workshop held in collaboration with Madam Masako Kuroda and Professor Dr Nagarajah Lee.

Date      :          9th March 2014   (Sunday)

Time    :            9.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.

Venue  :            Auditorium, Wisma Smart Reader® I

The workshop is primarily intended for use among preschool teachers/professionals in positions of program-level responsibility from developing comprehensive assessment plans to selecting and administering assessment instruments. It will provide proven solutions and workable tools to broaden their knowledge on assessment and for participants to understand the meaning of authentic assessment.  The developmental indicator is one method to help assess pre-schoolers, and participants are given the option to use this instrument in their assessment.

Objectives of Workshop

  • To identify the standards for preschool children in the following domains: cognitive, psychomotor, emotional, and values.
  • To assist preschool teachers enhance their observational skills in identifying the developmental stages of pre-schoolers
  • To help preschool teachers to be accountable in their reporting of their students development
  • To determine the interventions in addressing the gaps between the actual and expected performance of the children based on the five domains.
  • To develop a web based assessment system that will link the performance standards to performance targets


This complimentary workshop is open to SRI® College students, early childhood professionals, pre-school owners/ principals and pre-school teachers. Participants who register and participate in this workshop will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance.

Profile of Speakers

Madam Masako

MSc Universiti Putra Malaysia (Vocational Education), BA (Hons) Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (Home Economics)

  • Senior lecturer at SRI® College and senior trainer at Smart Reader® Worldwide.
  • A Home Economics teacher for about 22+ years with the Ministry of Education, Malaysia.                                               
  • Transferred to the Local Examinations Syndicate, Malaysia for 12+ years. 
  • Trained teachers for the Smart Reader Kids® franchised centres and adults who were keen in preschool education.
  • Lectures in modules for Diploma in Early Childhood Development and BA (Hons) In Education Studies And Early Years
  • Currently pursuing a PhD in Early Childhood Education in Open University Malaysia.


Prof. Dr. Nagarajah Lee

  • A Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) for the Vinayaka Missions International University College
  • Deputy Dean with the School of Post Graduate Studies, Open University Malaysia.
  • Senior Lecturer with the Department of Community Medicine, IMU.
  • Established the Directorate of Online and Distance Learning for Vinayaka Missions International University College.
  • An active researcher with Institute Penyelidikan Pendidikan Tinggi Negara under the Ministry of Education, Malaysia.
  • A PHD holder in Statistical Modelling from University of South Australia and Master of Education in Quantitative Methods and a degree holder in Biology and Statistics from University of Malaya.
  • Published more than 20 papers namely in statistical modelling and application of statistical approach in decision making.