Introduction to Early Childhood


Recent studies have shown that children are most receptive to learning when they are still in their early years. Early intervention has also proven to have lasting effects on them. As a concerned society, we ought to give due importance to invest where it makes the most difference to their mental development, and that essentially lies in providing them a quality early childhood education.

In the olden days, preschool teachers venture into teaching due to their love for children and their passion towards the profession. However, parents these days have become demanding on the quality of early childhood education provided for their children. In order to meet their requirements, it is essential for preschool teachers to equip themselves with professional qualifications and possess the right skills.

"Every child is precious and children are assets to our society. They are the most valuable resource of the nation. I believe that developing a nation and its people begins with early childhood education. While it is the duty of parents to ensure a child has the opportunities to develop, it is also the government's responsibility to help parents bring the potential to fruition. In developing a child's potential, we are in reality developing the human capital of the child and of the nation. In carrying out this task, we are enabling the child to grow holistically so that the child is equipped with abilities, knowledge and skills to become a productive member of the nation. Economists have long believed that investment in early education is a good strategy in developing human capital which in turn, is an important source for economic growth. Cognitive and non-cognitive abilities are important for a productive work force. It is said that key workforce skills such as motivation, persistence and self-control are developed early. Children are the future generations who have the potential to drive the economy of the country as leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers and economists."

Quotation from Prime Minister YAB Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak at the opening address of the Malaysian International ECEC Conference themed "DEVELOPING HUMAN CAPITAL BEGINS WITH CHILDREN" on 14 April 2009.


A specialist in the field of early childhood education, the tenets upheld by SRI® College are; ‘Strive for Excellence’, ‘Ready for Employability’ and ‘Innovative Education’. These tenets serve as the basis for SRI® College to produce generations of leaders of tomorrow, those of which possess the potential and capability to propel the nation towards a progressive future.

Over the years, the college has seen an increase in student numbers and this is attributed to the college’s endeavour to provide top notch knowledge and expertise in this field. The syllabus is specially designed to ensure students perform with excellence and have a competitive advantage over others.

A variety of job opportunities awaits graduates of early childhood education. Graduates with a diploma qualification have the option to embark on a high-flying career to work in the government as preschool educators or become private preschool providers.


The Malaysian government recognises the importance of early childhood education, and therefore, are investing to provide high-quality early childhood education to its youngest citizens. By the year 2015, preschool educators are required to have a minimum diploma in early childhood development resulting to the high demand of qualified early childhood educators.


SRI® College offers a MQA-fully accredited programme designed to help those interested to become professional early childhood educators.

Study options in Early Childhood:


Certificate                                                  Diploma

Mode: Full Time (Weekday)                             Mode: Full Time (Weekday OR Weekend)

Intake: January, May, September                     Intake: January, May, September

Advantages of this field

  • Earn a much higher salary!                                                                                                                          Big earning potential! The potential to earn a higher salary!
  • Shorter and stable working hours!

        Have more time for family and other interests without the stress of irregular working hours.

  • A vast array of career opportunities! 

        Embark on a career as a budding children's book writer, song composer and many more!

  • Opportunity to run your own preschoo1!
  • Exciting and rewarding career opportunities await you! 

        The chance to encourage lifelong learning among children and to develop them to be the leaders of


  • Be a first mover!

        Gain the first mover advantage!                                                                                           

        As the nation progresses towards having at least 80,000 certified preschool teachers by the year

        2020, take this opportunity by being one of the firsts to receive a formal qualification in early

        childhood development.

        Huge potential for career advancement!

        Most private preschool teachers do not have a formal education in early childhood development.

        Seize this opportunity to gain this competitive advantage over them.