Save A Life, Donate Blood


SRI® College recently organised its first blood donation campaign at Wisma Smart Reader® II at Jalan Udang

Harimau 1. The campaign was held in collaboration with Pusat Darah Negara Malaysia and was attended by both

staff and students from SRI® College. Also present were staff from Smart Reader® Worldwide.

Registrations began as early as 10am. The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm as first time and frequent

donors were screened to ensure they meet the requirements to be a donor.

Ms Valarmathy Sarvanan, the campaign organiser said, “The blood donation campaign was organised to create

awareness among students. Students are informed the value of donating blood, which not only does it save

one’s life, but it helps people to live longer and lead productive lives. The response has been very good thus

far and we are pleased with the support received from staff and students.”

Academic Dean and Business Development Director of SRI® College, Mr Manivanan Saman, took a break from

his work to do his bit for humanity.

“This is my third time volunteering for a blood donation campaign. It is known that regular blood donation

helps to reduce the chance of getting a heart attack. At the same time, it stimulates the generation of new red

blood cells,” he said.

First-time blood donor, Siti Noor Amirah Binti Husin expressed her interest of wanting to donate blood since

she was 16 years old but she did not meet the requirement then. Now at the age of 18, she felt relieved that she is

now eligible to be a donor.

Another first-time blood donor was Norhidayah Mohd Khalil. She had witnessed many accidents throughout the

years and understands that hospitals require large amounts of blood to conduct blood transfusion on the victims.

“With this realisation, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and be a donor myself so that I can help them. It’s

all worthwhile!” said the 26-year-old staff from SRI® College.


First-time blood donor, Siti Noor Amirah Binti Husin was screened for health risks before she was allowed to donate blood.


Potential donors informing their medical histories to the representatives from Pusat Darah Negara Malaysia.


The staff and students of SRI® College making a difference by donating blood.


Uma Devi Krishnan, staff from Smart Reader® Worldwide volunteered as a blood donor despite her busy work schedule.