GongXi Ponggal Celebration 2013


 On 1st March 2013, SRI® College held a GongXi Ponggal Celebration to celebrate two of the many festive occasions

celebrated in Malaysia, which are Chinese New Year and Ponggal. Dignitaries present included Dr Richard Ong, 
President of SRI® College, Mr Manivannan A/L Saman, Head of Academic and Business Development of SRI® College 
and Prof. Dr. George Gregory Nathan, Assistant Academic Head of SRI® College. Staff from SRI® College and Smart 
Reader® Worldwide and SRI® College students were entertained by captivating dance performances followed by a 
myriad of exciting activities such as Rangoli “Dragon” competition, GongXi Ponggal cooking competition, Chindian 
knitting competition, calligraphy writing competition and pot breaking competition. The high point was the crowning 
of the Maharaja and Maharani of the GongXi Ponggal Celebration 2013.